Jokey Joke: Ellen’s Dance Dare (Video)

Will Smith is a victim of Ellen's Dance Dare.

As everyone who are fans of Ellen Degeneres knows, she loves to dance.  But not only does she love to dance, she loves to scare people and have others “punk” you.  Well, she has one prank that is hilarious and she gives the public the opportunity to carry it out.

The segment she does on her show is called “Dance Dare” and folks volunteer, some celebrities were chosen, to go and dance behind people in public places.  They walk up behind the elderly, men, women, whoever you are, and start dancing hard!  Anyone at any time can be a victim of Ellen’s Dance Dare.

The grocery stores and department stores are the funniest.  But when she pranks her own celebrity guests that visit her show as a part of “You’ve Been Dance Dared”, you cringe for them.  We will share a couple of the videos below.  If you weren’t having a good day, look forward to it getting better the moment you push play.

-J.C. Brooks

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