Meet the Amazing People of the ‘Landfill Harmonic’ (Video)

One student plays his makeshift cello.
We have found a story that truly encompasses the saying, “Your junk may be another man’s treasure.”  In this case, there can be no truer statement.
The people of a small village called Cateura, Paraguay, have opened our eyes to the silver lining in all things.  The town is built on a landfill.  The people of this village have managed to make priceless musical instruments like a cello, a violin, and other instruments completely from trash.
A lot of times we can’t stand to eat all of our food or save a plastic fork.  The instruments they’ve built are unbelievable and work just like any other valuable instrument bought in a music store.  Orchestra director Favio Chavez was quoted saying:
“The world sends us garbage. We send back music.”
Check out these kids.  It’s a heartwarming story that teaches a valuable lesson about recycling and simply “not giving up” no matter what your conditions are.
-J.C. Brooks

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