Another Altercation on the Bus?! Not the Driver this Time! (Video)

Man runs away from woman after she pepper sprays him on the back of a public bus in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in November.

Like we said before, public transportation is getting to be too dangerous these days.  Multiple fights have broken out all over the country on the busses between driver and passengers, and now we have passengers fighting to the death.

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, a man and a woman, both unidentified, got to scrappin’ on the back of the bus.  The woman got up and pepper sprayed the man because the man spit on her, according to the New York Daily News.

The report states that police said the two were in a relationship.  The surveillance video obtained shows her retaliating because he spit on her, but how it started is unclear and the video does not have audio.  When the man looks like he’s getting away from her and the pepper spray, he returns and unleashes several vicious blows to the woman.

Unfortunately, others were mixed up in the altercation between these two.  Lucky for the woman that she didn’t get into another fight after she accidentally sprayed one woman’s child.  There was a two-year-old that was seated near the couple and the pepper spray got into the baby’s eyes.

Read more of the report here and check out the surveillance video that caught the entire alteracation.

-J.C. Brooks

VIDEO: Fight, pepper spraying on Rapid

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