Kevin Clash Runs Into Business Troubles After Sex Scandal

Kevin Clash with Elmo.

By now everyone knows that the voice of Elmo, Kevin Clash, is in hot water over allegations that he had sexual relationships with three men that were 16 and under at the time of their affairs.  But now, Clash is being hit from all sides because of his tarnished image.

Warner Bros. Pictures WAS in the development stages of a film with Kevin Clash, but the hopes of that project ever seeing the light of day have been dashed, according to the Huffington Post.  The report states that a document that was obtained by Vulture, stated that the film was “a ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ kind of movie about a kid and his stuffed animal that takes on a life of its own because of the child’s imagination.”

Well now the deal will only be in Clash’s imagination because not only will Warner Bros. not do business with him after the scandal that has sullied his reputation, but the other film companies are not likely to work with him as well, according to their inside source:

” ‘After all that stuff happened, the studio was like, ‘We’re never going to mention this again,’ said our production insider, clearly relieved that the project had not gotten further along. Indeed, had things moved more rapidly with Clash — no script was ever written — Warner Bros. could have wound up with a costly CGI family film that almost surely would have tanked and, what’s more, would likely have tarnished the careers of those involved.”

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-J.C. Brooks

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