Dead Pig Found On Doorstep of Texas Mosque (Video)

A mutilated, dead, black pig was left on the doorstep of Islamic Outreach Center outside Houston, Texas.

Hate crimes aren’t lacking in quantity or originality these days. Most try to pick themselves up and dust themselves off after they’ve been victimized, but some are ready to fight and rightfully so.

The latest display of cruelty came against a mosque in the Houston, Texas area.  The Islamic Outreach Center in Cypress was disgraced and humiliated with the placement of a dead, mutilated, black pig on their doorstep.  Obviously, whoever is responsible for this act knew that Muslims abhor pigs and they do not come into any sort of contact with the “unclean” animal.

The mosque has only been in its present location for five months.  Leaders at the mosque told local ABC affiliate channel 7, that they did not see the pig at afternoon prayers, but when they returned for evening prayer, there it was.  One woman who remained anonymous said:

“This area out here is a big residential area, and there are people out here who don’t want them out here because they are Muslim, but the fact is that they really have come into what is basically a residential area,” she said.

What area should they be in that keeps the pigs off their doorstep?  Certainly, they would be interested in that information.  Check out the report and/or read more here.

-J.C. Brooks

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