Utah Judge Orders Adoptive Parents to Return Child to Biological Father

Judge returns 18-month-old Teleah to her biological dad, Terry Achane, after his wife put her up for adoption without his consent.

For once! The fathers get their fair shake in court.  Normally, fathers for one reason or another, are not successful in family cases where they try to sue for custody of their children.  But women and men alike are unsuccessful in having their children returned once they’ve chosen to put them up for adoption.

In an outrageous adoption case in Utah, Judge Darold McDade of Provo, Utah, ruled that Terry Achane have his daughter returned to him by adoptive parents Jared and Kristi Frei within 60 days because of an illegal adoption that is normal for Utah.

Little 18-month-old Leah Frei or Teleah, as her daddy calls her, was put up for adoption by Achane’s wife while he was stationed in South Carolina to work as a drill instructor at Fort Jackson.  He thought he would be returning in time to see his daughter born, but instead found his wife, Tira Bland, had fled to Utah to put their daughter up for adoption without his consent through the Adoption Center of Choice.  Judge McDade found the actions of the adoption center “utterly indefensible” and ordered in favor of Achane.

Bland took this action because she knew that she could go to Utah and put the child up for adoption without Achane’s consent because it is commonplace in Utah for single women who make this decision without their child’s father’s involvement.  According to the Huffington Post report:

“The state has a reputation as “a magnet for those seeking to unfairly cut off opportunities for biological fathers to assert their rights to connection with their children,” Utah Supreme Court Chief Justice Christine Durham wrote back in 2009 in a case where a mother in Wyoming lied and told the father she had miscarried, then put the baby up for adoption in Utah.”

Read more here. Congratulations to Terry Achane and his little Teleah.

-J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “Utah Judge Orders Adoptive Parents to Return Child to Biological Father”

  1. As an adoptive parent, I feel this story is insensitive and doesn’t take into consideration the child. While it’s unfortunate the biological father was left out of the equation, this is not the fault of the child. As an adoptive parent, I’m sure the adoptive parents will fight vigorously to retain custody of their child. Let’s keep in mind, their are no winners in a story like this.

  2. That child should be returned to the father. I am the mother of 4 adopted children and I could not and would not adopt a child under such fraudulent conditions. That biological mother ought to go to jail. Those adoptive parents I feel sorry for, but the right thing to do is to give the biological father HIS child back.

    Yes there are winners in this. That child will have her father. The father will have his child.

    This kind of madness makes it difficult for real honest people who truly want to adopt in the legal way to do so. Shame on Utah for this kind of slavery practice.

  3. I am adopted. This child needs to be with her biological father. He NEVER consented to this fraudulent adoption. It should not have dragged on this long. Adoptive parents need to do the right thing…..do not be selfish……give him his daughter back. You will grieve and I’m sad you were screwed by this agency. BUT its not the father’s fault.
    THE CHILD is most important here…….her dad will raise her and she will be just fine. At least she has someone to love her. Many children out there have no one. Those are the kids we should be praying for.

  4. I feel the bio mother should be punished. I am happy he was reunited with his daughter, it was not fair of the mother to pull a sneaky move like that. I also feel for the adoptive parents, but from what I can see they have 4 of their own biological children and another adopted boy, plenty to keep their minds on. Also growing up in Utah I know the little girl is most definitely better off growing up somewhere other than Utah, as it is the most close minded judge mental and racist places on the planet and I do not wish it upon anyone.

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