Man Court Ordered to Stop Procreating

Corey Curtis, 44, ordered to stop having babies until he pays outstanding child support.

It appears that you too can avoid being in a recession if you simply choose to ignore it.  That’s right! Go out there and create a huge family with several different folks and have a jolly Christmas.  Don’t mind those children once they get here, SOMEBODY will take care of them.

And let me begin with saying, I don’t place sole blame on the man.  This is a clear case of irresponsible behavior on both the part of the woman, well women, as well as the man.   Corey Curtis, 44, of Racine, Wisconsin, is the father of nine children with six different women.  The women are owed back child support totaling more than $90,000.

Curtis’ share of what is owed to his children has grown so outrageous, that a Wisconsin judge ordered him to keep it in his pants!  In other words, he is not allowed to procreate until he pays up! Now, my question is if he’s caught having sex will he go to jail? Or, if the court finds out he’s impregnated another woman will he go to jail?

This family has grown at an alarming rate between seven people that can’t seem to pay for the basic needs of the child.  The mothers should not be left to hold the bag, but this is Racine, Wisconsin.  When you think of Racine, how small does the black community seem to you?  Well, I can tell you! African Americans only comprise 11.5 percent of the 195,388 residents in Racine County, Wisconsin.

You think that these people may know one another?  It’s obvious that one of the women has had several children with Curtis that she KNEW he could not or would not take care of.  And if this is one of those towns where everyone knows everyone, surely the women in this case know that this dude is a notorious baby maker with no intent of helping care for his children.

Now I realize an offense is an offense, but why are all of the REPORTED notorious baby makers in the news that fail to financially care for their children are black?  Let’s even up the scales and report the white men that are leaving a trail of babies behind.  I’m going to check into it!  And do you find it offensive that these black men are getting court orders to stop having sex and/or impregnating even though they have acted so irresponsibly?

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