Bizarro News: Woman Kills Husband Finds He’s Really A Woman?

Angelo Heddington, born Angela Heddington, fooled wife Elizabeth Rudavsky for months about his gender.

Here we go again with the crazy stories! Sorry, they’re plentiful these days and we’re really interested in knowing what you think about them.  So here it goes!

Angelo Heddington, 30, and Elizabeth Rudavsky, 27, are from Canada.  They dated for only four months before they were married.  According to the Daily Mail, Angelo immediately began abusing Elizabeth and at seven months, he was dead because Elizabeth–who came to their wedding with a black eye inflicted by Angelo–stabbed him in self-defense.

Well paramedics made a discovery about Heddington that Rudavsky, in her short seven month romance with Heddington, claims she never knew about.  Heddington was wearing a prosthetic penis!  Angelo Heddington was really Angela Heddington.  She had been living as a man since she became a teenager and no one was the wiser…not even Rudavsky.  How’d she fool her, you say?! This is even more unsettling.

According to the report:

Elizabeth says on the Investigation Discovery program, Fatal Vows, which premieres December 13: ‘I never saw nothin’. Things were dark.’

Throughout their seven-month relationship, Angela had never been ‘bare’ in the light with Elizabeth, and always insisted on having sex in the dark, according to a police report.

Angelo, born Angela, actually told his wife that a previous girlfriend had gotten angry and burned his genitals.

‘I never passed judgment,’ Elizabeth said.

Okay…is she pulling the wool over our eyes or is she really this gullible?  Hard to say!  What do you think? Read more of the details here.

-J.C. Brooks

One thought on “Bizarro News: Woman Kills Husband Finds He’s Really A Woman?”

  1. Give me a break. The first time I saw them on the TV show fatal Vows it was very obvious to me that they were BOTH lesbians. Don’t believe all the physco babble. This is clearly a case of one bull dike murdering another bull dike. Brother!!

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