Butt Implants Gone Waaaay Wrong! (Video)

Unidentified woman shows how her butt implant took a drastically wrong turn.

There are far too many people out there that don’t think highly enough of their God-given appearance, thus well being.  They will sacrifice their life to enhance something on their body that, ultimately, may only bring them ostensible happiness.

One unidentified woman had someone videotape her in the mirror to show how her gamble with a butt enhancement went completely wrong.  She wants others to know what could be the outcome of taking a chance with your body.

On the video that showed up on World Star Hip Hop, she takes her hand and shifts her butt implant which has completely flipped in the wrong direction.  Gross, yeah, but also hazardous to your health.  According to New York Daily News, the woman’s video description reads:

“Here is what happens when implants go bad,” she wrote in the video’s description. “This is my personal experience(.) I almost died from this surgery and am having them removed this Thursday.”

Dr. Phillip Craft, a plastic surgeon with the Miami Institute for Age Management and Intervention told the Daily News that her problem with the implant likely occurred because she chose an implant that was too large for her body.  And the doctor that performed her implant surgery should’ve never agreed to it.

“That implant appears to be among the largest available for implantation. It’s just huge,” he said. “It’s way too big for her body…Most implants we use contain around 320 (cubic centimeters of silicone gel),” he said. “That woman appears to have 700 or 800 cc implants. That’s the size of a dinner plate.”

But once the damage has been done, there’s no way of returning the area to its original size.  Dr. Craft suggests that she replace it with another butt implant that is smaller because the skin will sag if she doesn’t. Now all of this damage to your body, for what?!  How many men would never leave his woman or be attracted to and marry the woman with the biggest butt?

If anyone is thinking of this type of procedure, please, please, please, stop and ask yourself, “Who am I doing this for and will it bring me lasting satisfaction?”

If you decide this drastic measure is still for you, read more here to find out what you can do to possibly avoid something like this happening to you.

-J.C. Brooks

One thought on “Butt Implants Gone Waaaay Wrong! (Video)”

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