We Remember…the Fallen of 2012

As the New Year settles upon us and we reflect on all those we’ve lost.  Let us remember those who have made an impact on every aspect of our entertainment culture.

Actor Michael Clarke Duncan,  died at the age of 54, with complications from a heart attack. The Don of Soul Train, Don Cornelius, committed suicide at the age of 75.  Whitney Houston, died from an accidental fall in her bathroom in her hotel room at the age of 51.

Adam “MCA” Yauch of the Beastie Boys lost his battle with cancer at age 47. Chuck Brown, died at the age of 75, after a bout with pneumonia. Donna Summer, died at 63, after fighting lung cancer.  Nick Ashford, Hip Hop executive Chris Lighty, known for building the careers of Diddy, Mary J. Blige and 50 Cent died at 44, from an apparent suicide.   Continue reading

Top 5 Viral Videos of 2012 (Video)

Gabourey Sidibe joins in the fun with the Jimmy Kimmel trailer of MOVIE: The Movie

As 2012 comes to a close, we are all nostalgic with memories of the best times we spent.  A laugh is available at every turn in viral videos that left us in stitches throughout the year.

Some of the funniest stuff, not including “Gangnam Style”, was seen this year on YouTube.  Recently, the video of the German man diving into an icy pool caught us off guard and nearly hurt us, with his crazy stunt. Continue reading

Black-Owned Nail Polish Companies for 2013

African American owned M2M Damorejon launched in 2009 at New York's Fashion week.

There are plenty of African American owned businesses that are awaiting our business.  The health and beauty industry seems nearly untapped, with the exception of Serena Williams’ OPI nail polish line….at least that’s what we thought till now.

There are three lines of nail polish that are all african american owned that you might have purchased.  During 2009’s Fashion Week in New York, M2M Damorejon was launched by Myrdith Leon-McCormack and Monica Promsavanh, according to Clutch magazine.  The line is toted as a health-conscious nail lacquer with an array of “sparkling colors.” Continue reading

Jesse Jackson Asked to Defend Chicago’s Strong Gun Laws (Video)

Jesse Jackson is repeatedly pressed on the issue of strong gun laws in Chicago.

It seems that the Fiscal Cliff isn’t the only debate gaining momentum.  There is still the major issue of gun control reform making a segue into 2013, and activists and politicians are choosing sides…well, except Jesse Jackson.

When visiting CNN and asked about the gun control issue, though he gave profound insight into the issue of gun violence, he still avoided the question of whether the gun laws should be more strongly reformed. Continue reading

Couple Married on Christmas Have Both of Their Children on Christmas (Video)

Monique and Jeremy Houston Sr., welcome their second child born on Christmas day, Tuesday, December 25, 2012.

Christmas is supposed to be a magical time of blessings and sacred time with family.

Well one family has covered all the bases for Christmas miracles and you will not believe it.  To begin the blessings, Monique and Jeremy Houston Sr., started their lives together in a wedding ceremony on Christmas day in 2010.

As if they weren’t happy enough together, they brought an added blessing into their union, Jeremy Jr., on Christmas day of 2011.  But, God didn’t stop working on them there. Continue reading

Another NYC Subway Rider Pushed In Front of Train Dies

What is going on in the New York City subway stations lately?  They have now become one of the most dangerous modes of transportation in New York.

The latest death occurred on Thursday night on the NYC subway platform–the second in one month–after a person described as a woman following a man and mumbling to herself before she pushed him to his death, according to the Huffington Post.   Continue reading

President’s Second Inauguration Has Epic Timing

We’re not even a month away from watching President Obama be sworn into the office of the Presidency for the second time and the date alone may attract more people to the capital than his last inauguration.

The date he will be sworn in on will be a private ceremony on January 20, but the larger ceremony will be attended by everyone on Monday, January 21, 2012.  That’s right! President Obama will be sworn in on the federal holiday for Martin Luther King’s birthday under the theme “Faith in America’s Future” according to USA Today. Continue reading

We Remember: Ebony Managing Editor Terry Glover Dies At Age 57

Terry Glover, managing editor for Ebony Magazine, dies at age 57 from colon cancer, Monday, December 24, 2012.

Ebony magazine is a world-class magazine that can lend its success to those that have directed the vision of one of America’s favorite magazines.

The managing editor for Ebony magazine, Terry Glover, died on Christmas Eve in her Chicago home after a battle with colon cancer, according to Yahoo! News.  She was suffering from the disease for the last two years according to her husband Kendall Glover. Continue reading