Zimmerman Goes Hollywood Signing Thank You’s to Donors

George Zimmerman in court in October, will start signing Thank You cards to donors.

While we wait for the Trayvon Martin case to begin, both families involved must be sitting on pins and needles worried about the outcome.  But wait! Is that Zimmerman over there signing autographs?

Yep! George Zimmerman is out signing his autograph for a long line of ….well, no one that’s lining up anyway.  He’s taking it upon himself to thank all those who have given money to his defense fund, according to Yahoo! News.  He’s probably hoping to wrangle more money out of those donors and bring attention to his defense fund deficit.

The report mentions how previous convicted criminal fiends like Charles Manson and John Wayne Gacy, are a part of a “large market” that want the “signatures of people involved in high profile trials,” according to Greg Albach of SignHereAutographs. He told ABC News that Zimmerman’s autograph would never fetch that kind of money though:

“It’s pretty tacky,” said Albach. “You could probably get maybe 10 to 25 bucks for it.”

The autograph will read:

“Thank you for your support,” the card reads, and is signed, “your friend, George Zimmerman.”

Zimmerman had raised more than $200,000, which he immediately allocated $140,000 of that to the “independently-managed George Zimmerman Defense Fund.”  What did he do with the other $60,000? Eat?  Because the portly Zimmerman has obviously been buying food while he awaits his fate.  He’s beefed up to the size that is more accurate to the size we saw when he killed Trayvon Martin.

It appeared for some time that he was slimming down to look like a less imposing size.  But, the pictures taken of him the night he was taken into the police station, show the real Zimmerman.

Read more here on Zimmerman’s writing campaign.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “Zimmerman Goes Hollywood Signing Thank You’s to Donors”

  1. Thanks for the reminder…I need to make another donation to Zim’s defense fund! (And keep hoping there won’t be another Rodney King riot when he’s acquitted)

  2. Yes, We get it. Jews need to support other Jews. It’s unfortunate a large portion of blacks are able to distinguish between a Jew and White.

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