Has Gary Dourdan Sunk Into a Drug Hole? (Video)

What happened to Gary Dourdan?

Hot celebrity heart throbs don’t always stay that way ladies.  Age, experience, HOLLYWOOD, and the remnants of it take a toll.

Lipstick Alley and others have posted shocking pictures of Gary Dourdan that we’re hoping is  photoshopped image or something! But it’s not looking very good.

The claim has been that he’s on Methamphetamine or Meth and various other drugs.  The EUR reported when he was busted for being in possession of Ecstasy in June of 2011, but he’s been riddled with a lot of problems since then.

He has a domestic violence charge where it’s believed that he broke his girlfriend’s nose, he’s filed for bankruptcy, he’s in jeopardy of losing his home to foreclosure, crashed his car, on and on and on.

When he was busted with Ecstasy, he got officers’ attention because he had crashed his vehicle.  Could all of these problems be a result of his love affair with drugs?

Can someone help us find out more information on the former CSI star?  Tell us what you know about the man we pray finds his way back to good health…not necessarily Hollywood.  When I see devastating effects of Hollywood on actors, I always think of Dave Chappelle’s take on the Hollywood system.  Check him out below.

-J.C. Brooks

Dave Chappelle on Hollywood:

20 thoughts on “Has Gary Dourdan Sunk Into a Drug Hole? (Video)”

  1. Oh my God! I met him years ago in Brooklyn. He was the most BEAUTIFUL man I’d seen! Gorgeous with a beautiful smile and eyes that made your thigh muscles twitch! Wow! He was ubber sexy! The voice, the body…, and he could act!!! Damn…., that is sooo sad! I hope he gets a wake up call and cleans himself up! Wow! Sadness….

  2. This is NOT Gary. This was a nasty joke that TMZ played on Gary I believe in 2008 when he had his first run in with them. TMZ can’t stand Gary due to the photog incident that you can google, or check it out on youtube.

    Gary is reported to have been a drug/alcohol addict BEFORE CSI. However, he relapsed. Ever since his demise on CSI Gary has been in and out of trouble with the law, relationships (not his first time being sued for abuse, he was accused of rape by ex girlfriend Anne Greene, Gary made a plea bargain deal then as well) and friends.

    It seems his situation has gotten worse as he’s had to fight for his house from being foreclosed and has now been placed on 5 year formal probation for the deal he copped in court on this latest case of abuse by another ex girlfriend. With all of the stipulations he’s got going in this one, Gary should have done the 5 years in prison and came out and took over hollyweird like Robert Downey Jr. However, he did not do that.
    Gary basically has to keep himself out of jail by not doing anymore drugs, not getting into domestic disputes (he has to take year long classes in both and provide piss drops to a probation officer) and stay away from this ex for 5 years. *sigh* dude is not doing so good.

    What amazes me, is that so many people, mainly women focus on how Gary looks instead of his character. I think as a psychologist this may be apart of his issues. Instead of people caring about Gary because of GARY he’s taken on the mindset of not having to be responsible for what he does, says or engages in. Now it seems “karma” has come to put him in his place in order to balance things out.

    I did not intend to write so much I do apologize but if anyone truly wants this man to get healthy, the best thing for him is for others to view him as a human being, focus on his character and not how he looks cause in the next 5 years, Gary will more than likely not make too many hearts swoon like he did “back in the day” when he was seen in Brooklyn. He’s aged and the hard living, stress, drugs, smoking,alcohol and wrong relationships have already taken their tole. Love Gary for Gary and not for the eye candy.

    At the end of the day, if you can’t love Gary personally, at least speak about something good or uplifting that he’s done instead of his “green eyes” and killer voice etc. All that is so superficial and ironically isn’t that how he’s seemed to have lived his life? Superficially?

  3. @Heart…your first paragraph contradicts the rest of your comment. So what if TMZ played a stupid joke on Gary. That shouldn’t’ve forced him into drug usage. GARY started doing drugs b/c GARY wanted/became addicted to drugs. I hate when you sympathizers of drug addicts make excuses for them and their erractic, violent, and criminal behavior. All of that sympathy’s exactly why the continue to act a fool. And I don’t give a damn about race or gender. For years, such experts as yourself have been calling drug use an illness. It isn’t an illness. IT’S AN ADDICTION! And not only do you show sympathy for poor Gary, but you are lso spreading his personal business. When J.C. asked for someone to provide any info, you spilled it.

    I’m gonna focus on Gary’s and anybody else’s looks whether they are famous or not and whether they are drug addicts or not. You best believe if I were to see Gary somewhere looking like the alien zombie in the above photo, I won’t be asking for an autograph. If you, the expert, didn’t know drug addicts kill will kill anyone for any reason.

  4. BTW, Hollywood nor fame transforms actors/superstars into drug addicts. Them and the big money they earn allows THEM to buy the most potent and expensive drug(s) anytime, anywhere, from anybody. Most of the time its illegal for them to buy/have these drugs anyway. There’s a lot of grown people lecturing young people to “Just Say No” when in fact, somebody needs to lecture these ADULTS to “Just Say No Already Damn It!”

  5. Love and respect you, Gary, no matter what you look like. Your work speaks for itself. Work it out, Get it together and make an astounding comeback. Praying for you!

  6. According to imdb.com he has some stuff in post production. Hope everything is working out for him, I hate to see the world lose a brother to drugs. Good Luck Gary!

  7. This picture does not look like Gary Dourdan
    For those who simply do not know, addiction is classified as an illness
    We all should know that a person can recover and return to productive living after working through addiction; it is necessary for someone with addiction to have a proactive support system along with proper medical care and nutrition
    Prayer works wonders; I say a prayer for Gary Dourdan

  8. I was just saw Gary about a month ago in Cannes France. He played host and DJ for a party for an independent film he appeared in called Fivethirteen at club VIP and seemed to be having a ball. He may be beefing up for a roll cause he looked jacked. Don’t believe everything you read. BTW, the domestic claims left out the part about his ex-girlfriend taking his daughter away from his home without his permission then attacking him in a rage when he confronted her about it.

  9. Readers…This is not Gary Dourdan. If you look at a larger pix of this man in the web and compare it to a pic of Gary, you will see the differences in the facial features like the nose, in particular the nostrils, lips (i.e. Cupid’s bow is shaped differently), and their eye lid area is completely different. Those are just a few.

  10. @Shelly –

    That is Gary Dourdan, without the lighting and makeup he would be wearing on set.

  11. Gary Dourdan does not have freckles. This is not him. Not one picture of him, whether handsome and healthy, nor drugged out of his mind looks like that.

  12. It’s NOT him. Thanks god. Always sad to see someone in a state like that. However, it’s someone that looks like him. His name is Hirscht I think. It’s on Snopes.com. But it’s definately not Gary. Peace..

  13. Speaking from the experience of having had been addicted to hard drugs, i personally feel that even if the brother DID fall on some rough times with drug use, he still deserves the right like ANYONE to get his life back on track. Who are we to judge this man because he made a mistake in the public eye ? How many of us keep making even WORST mistakes everyday in the dark ?? Just because no one KNOWS what you did doesn’t mean that it wasn’t stupid as hell to do ..look at your own lives before you cast a stone into another’s..

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