Driver Hits and Kills 6-Year-Old Gets 1 Year, Brawl Ensues (Video)

Two families-- the accused and the victim's--clash after driver Dedrick Ashford, 23, was sentenced to one year in prison for striking and killing a toddler with his van.

The families of murder victims are often so distraught from the sentencing given to the victim’s killer that they do irrational things.  Some may not agree with their actions, but their emotion is understandable.

A Milwaukee family was blindsided by a sentence of one year in prison and one year of probation for 23-year-old driver Dedrick Ashford, for striking and killing 6-year-old Christopher Wade with his car in April.  Not only did he kill the toddler, but he was driving without a license and under the influence of marijuana.

The sentence is deplorable and shows a disrespect to not only the family, but the life of the child.  In the courtroom, things remained sedate, but, outside the courtroom, all hell broke loose!  According to an interview with Fox 6 News, the toddler’s grandmother, Patricia Slaten, said that Ashford’s brother made threats and challenged her son in the hallway outside of court which started the melee:

“The sentencing was too short. A year? He took the life of a six year old. Dedrick’s brother said some things to some family members of my family that was unacceptable. He made some threats.”

Check out the reports below.  RIP Christopher Wade.

-J.C. Brooks

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