Student Drowns As Classmates Swim Above Him for 17 Minutes (Video)

Malvrick Donkor, 14, drowned in his high school pool the day before Thanksgiving, Wednesday, November 21, 2012.

Tragedy struck in a Connecticut high school just before Thanksgiving and the community is still in shock. If more of our children were good swimmers, more of them would survive water-related deaths.

In Manchester City High School last Wednesday, Ghanian-born, 14-year-old Malvrick Donkor stepped into the deep end of the school’s pool during class and no one was the wiser, according to an anonymous source to the Hartford Courant.  It wasn’t until the end of class, 17 minutes later, that a student alerted the swimming teacher Thayer Redman, that someone was under water.

Redman dove into the pool and pulled Donkor out, but it was too late and he was pronounced dead at the hospital.  The high school is obviously devastated by Donkor’s death.  They decorated a boulder outside the school with what looks like Ghanian flag and held a vigil.

The family had recently moved to the U.S. from Ghana and have hired an attorney to possibly sue the school for negligence.  Redman has been suspended from his position and the pool has been closed indefinitely.  There were surveillance cameras in the pool area and its possible they will be reviewed to investigate whether Redman was truly negligent in Donkor’s drowning death.

Read more here on this awful story. RIP Malvrick Donkor.

-J.C. Brooks

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