Shopper Goes Berzerk in Black Friday Line: ‘I’ll Stab One of You!’ (Video)

Black Thursday shopper has enough and goes off on crowd telling them that he'll "stab" them.

Some people don’t mind being herded like cattle and braving the Black Friday lines, so long as they get the best deal on that unforgettable, priceless item, they simply must have.  But do they mind getting stabbed in a Black THURSDAY line for that priceless item?

One man was caught in one of those lines and he was serious about stabbing someone if they stepped on his kids in line.  I’m not judging, but WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN A BLACK FRIDAY LINE WITH CHILDREN?!  Aren’t you supposed to be out trying to get stuff for your kids?  I guess not!

He is in the middle of a crowd coming through the door to a Kmart in Sacramento, California, according to Headline News, when he yelled:

“Calm the f…. down! Push one of my kids and I will stab one of you motha…!”

Whew! Homeboy was not playin’ around!  He looked a little unstable.  But, hey! Some of you folks that are becoming complete idiots for a deal might enjoy the adventure in the lines.

Check him out!

-J.C. Brooks

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