Parents Find Out About Daughter’s Murder on Facebook (Video)

Jasmine Benjamin, 17, was found dead in her dorm room study area on November 18, and her parents found out via Facebook.

There is nothing like the tragedy of losing a child, especially when you send your child to college and they fall prey to violence.  That’s the last thing anyone would expect to happen to their child.

Well, the Judith and James Jackson are still in shock after learning on Facebook that their daughter was found dead in her dorm room at Valdosta State University.  Jasmine Benjamin, 17, was found in a study room in Georgia Hall around noon on Nov. 18, according to the Huffington Post report from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Initially, police called her death a result of natural causes.  But after an autopsy, it was learned that there was some sort of foul play.  The uncertainty of her murderer’s identity is causing them even more pain and anguish.

“It hurts, angry because you just don’t know,” Jackson told WSB. “The questions that you have, who, what, when, and why and how? All that’s not answered and you’re trying to have a funeral.”

This is an awful tragedy.  Our prayers go out to the Jackson family and we will give an update if they find the murderer.

Read more here and check out the report below.

-J.C. Brooks

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