Long Island Residents Hit by Sandy Still Receive Utility Bills

Long Island Power Authority is still charging residents after Hurricane Sandy pummeled them and their homes.

The New York area was devastated by Hurricane Sandy, leaving many without power for weeks. But the power companies say, “Never mind that! Business as usual! Pay your bill!”  WHAT?!

That’s right! According to CNN, Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) is still mailing out bills and telling residents of Long Island to pay up!  When they were notified by homeowners that they are billing them for service they did not have and for uninhabitable homes and businesses, LIPA told them they were well within their right to bill them:

Customers being billed are “based on the estimated reading of (their) energy use from the same month the year before,” LIPA spokesperson Elizabeth Flagler said Monday.  “(The) next actual meter reading will reflect the amount of electricity (customers) have used since (their) previous actual meter reading, and it will automatically adjust … charges,” she told CNN.

Well, then, some may just find it beneficial to wait until that next bill to pay.  The customers of this area should be outraged and should take their concerns to government officials…LIPA isn’t hearing them!

And to add insult to injury, Flagler gave different ways for customers “to help themselves.”  She advised them to read their own digital meters and call it in to get a new bill.  Now if you’re not to savvy with this kind of thing, she recommends a reading meters for dummies by sending customers to “an educational video on LIPA’s website.”  Or you can pay what you think is appropriate and wait for their reading and pay the difference.

You know it’s coming! I can’t hold it!  C’MON SON! Flagler you and LIPA might just get your heads bus’ to the white meat!

Read more here if you can hold your temper better than I can.

-J.C. Brooks

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