Jokey Joke: Man Sings ‘Computer Love’ to Himself (Video)

All of us like to get our hairbrush and sing in the mirror. Don’t say that you don’t because if you don’t sing, you talk.  When we’re all alone, we might get in that mirror and give a full motivational speech to ourselves or rant about what’s going on in our life.  But one thing we DON’T do is post it on YouTube.

Some megalomaniac on YouTube that goes by Correll, is disturbingly interested in himself.  He, as you will soon see, admits that he’s checkin’ himself out.  He starts out in the mirror checking out his pectorals and six pack.  And ends up singing in his draws.

You will also notice that he’s got posters of himself on his bed and displayed on the wall.  Uhhhh yeah! By the time you get halfway through this thing, you might feel a little dirty.

Check him out!

-J.C. Brooks

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