Jeweler Offers Refunds to 300 Customers for Losing Football Bet

Jeweler, Jeff Dennis, will hand out 10's of thousands of dollars in refunds after losing Iron Bowl football game bet.

If you are getting engaged and bought your jeweler at an Alabama jewelry store, you may be eligible for a refund of your money spent on the ring.

Now you might think that this offer would break the jewelry store, but it really made cash for the jeweler.  Jeff Dennis of Jeff Dennis Jewelers made a bet that he could not lose when he offered his customers refunds if they purchased anything between Nov. 16 to 23 if either side in the Iron Bowl game between Alabama and Auburn was shut out.

Well Auburn was smashed by the Crimson Tide 49-0.  But Lloyd’s of London, which is known for insuring the unusual, had already insured Dennis’ bet and he is more than happy to hand out the money from his insurance company.  The real bet was between Lloyd’s and Dennis.

Dennis said that he expects to refund more than 300 customers.  I know a lot of you are kicking yourself for shopping with that jeweler down the street.

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-J.C. Brooks

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