Texas Home Prepares for Christmas in ‘Gangnam Style’ ? (Video)

Home in Cedar Park, Texas, lights up to the sounds of "Gangnam Style" for Christmas.

Sorry everybody, but Thanksgiving is gone and stores are not the only characters preparing for Christmas. Once Thanksgiving is over, your neighbors throw out the turkey and run to the attic–and the hardware store–and bring out the Christmas lights.

But one neighbor has gone a bit overboard and some probably want his head for Christmas.  The lights covering John Storms’ home in Cedar Park, Texas, are synchronized with new Korean pop star, Psy’s, Gangnam Style, according to Texas local ABC affiliate, KVUE.

The wild display took 25,000 Christmas lights to catch up with the spectacular style of Psy himself.

Check this out! You will not believe this light show.  Surely, it’s going to cause more than a little bit of controversy on his block…maybe an all out fist fight.

-J.C. Brooks

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