Extremely Poor Chinese Boy with ‘Balloon Feet’ Receives Free Surgery

Meng Weixin, 14, awaits a life changing surgery that will give him a chance to walk and finally wear shoes on his feet that have been debilitated by congenital neurofibromatosis.

The world is full with rare diseases that prevents millions from having a normal life.  Getting up each morning is a battle, but they do it.  But just think if you suffered from one of these rare, debilitating diseases and you were extremely poor.  That adds another unbearable level of difficulty because there isn’t any access to resources to help with the illness.

According to a report in the New York Daily News from Britain’s The Sun newspaper, Meng Weixin 14, was born with congenital neurofibromatosis.  It’s a rare disease that caused his feet to grow and grow until they resembled balloons.  He hasn’t been able to wear shoes because of the condition and now he is being given the ultimate gift.

The Weixin family is “extremely poor,” so doctors at the Children’s Hospital of Shanghai offered to conduct a surgery to repair the damage the disease riddled his body with all of his life after seeing photos posted by his teacher online.  For him the surgery means having a chance to do something we take for granted:

“I wish I could wear shoes like my classmates,” the boy said, according to The Sun. “I wish I could run fast like they do. I wish I could go everywhere I want.”

The four-hour surgery was successful, but the right foot, that was much more swollen and deformed than the other, will need two additional surgeries.  Read more here.

-J.C. Brooks

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