Entrepreneur Starts New Party Train from California to Las Vegas

The new party train called the "X Train" to hit the rails between Southern California and Las Vegas in 2013.

Have you ever had the privilege of joining friends on a party bus?  Or maybe you’ve rented a party bus for your own birthday.  But, what if you had the opportunity to get on board a party train?  Yep, that’s right, somebody finally listened to the Gap Band and got a Party Train!

Michael Barron, president and CEO, or maybe we should say, financial conductor of the X Train. Now don’t jump ahead of yourself.  He never said anything about having strippers or any butt-naked entertainment on board.  The X is probably derived from the luXury that the train will provide.

Barron struck an agreement with Union Pacific Railroad last week to get a step closer to bringing his dream to life via the Las Vegas Railway Express, according to the New York Daily News.  According to the report, you can ride the X Train for $99 each way and the ride includes “big screen TVs, recliners and two ultra lounges.”  For $99 each way, you will ride from Fullerton, California, to Las Vegas, Nevada, and receive food, drinks, access to the lounges enveloped in luxurious accommodations.

Barron said:

“The whole idea is when you get on a train, you feel like you’re in Las Vegas,” said Michael Barron, president and CEO of the $100 million venture that hopes to launch its maiden voyage on New Year’s Eve 2013. “It’s essentially a nightclub on wheels.”

He should’ve said “on tracks.”  Some of you already know that there is no way to get from Southern California without a ride in gridlock.  But with the agreement approved November 16, with Union Pacific, Barron can run his train on a rail line that’s presently dedicated to freight trains and “hasn’t served passengers since Amtrak discontinued its Desert Wind service in 1997 due to low ridership.”

So, go get as many of your purple royal crown bags together as possible.  You have until next year to get your fare together.

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-J.C. Brooks

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