Iowa Man Accused of Murder Douses His Attorney with Water

Jerome Power, 50, douses defense attorney with water just as jury begins to leave for deliberations.

The courts are getting more ridiculous defendants by the day.  It doesn’t matter what they’re being tried for, they act a fool or the people who want to get to them act a fool.  Maybe the antics on shows like Judge Joe Brown or Judge Mathis or Judge Judy has started this mayhem.

Jerome Power, 50, is on trial for the first-degree murder of his neighbor, Doris Bevins, 68, in her home Sept. 19, 2010, according to local ABC affiliate KCRG.  Bevins was strangled to death in an apparent botched robbery. Police discovered Bevin’s cell phone and charger in Power’s pocket, but we are praying that he didn’t strangle her with her own pajama pants for her iPhone. And apparently, it wasn’t an iPhone because the report described his defense attorney, Steve Addington, as referring to it as a $5 phone.

But somehow Power felt that his attorney was not on his side and Power poured water on Addington’s head just as the jurors were leaving the courtroom to go and decide his fate. But then, all hell broke loose!

“It should have been a mistrial,” Power said after dumping the water on Addington. “You sold me out!”

And the jurors caught the outburst and stopped to look and listen.  Not a good look Jerome!  Power always said that a white man that livedd in the same building as Bevins was the real culprit.  He ran off and he was left insie.  His defense made the case that Power life was on track and he had known Bevins for several years. Why would he do this to her all of a sudden? He also had “a new job and was receiving student loan money to continue his education.”

Needless to say, Power was convicted of the murder.

Read more here. Interesting.

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