Octomom’s ‘Roctuplets’ Drop New Single “I’m Ready for Christmas” (Video)

The Roctuplets with five of their other siblings combine for a new single "I'm Ready for Christmas".

Nadya Suleman also known as the Octomom has so many kids that now it’s necessary everybody gets a job.  So Suleman cracked the whip and found a way around work permits and put them all to work.

Her 3-year-old octuplets have dropped their names and picked up the stage name, the Roctuplets!  The Roctuplets plus five of their other siblings: Eli, Amerah, JJ, Caleb, and Calyssa, have put together a hot new single, “I’m Ready for Christmas”, just in time for Christmas. Well, they did get some help from a rapper by the name of Romeo Holloway, who wrote the song.

The lyrics are pretty elementary, so at least there wasn’t any major lyrical training involved for the kids; which would cost even more money.  Let’s support them!  If this doesn’t work, we don’t know what she’ll have them do next.

Check out their big musical debut.

-J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “Octomom’s ‘Roctuplets’ Drop New Single “I’m Ready for Christmas” (Video)”

  1. Let’s not encourage the exploitation of seemingly sad, unwilling participants. It’s not their job to support their mother’s plastic surgery, drug and alcohol habits, her hairdos, her nail finishes, her mink eyelashes, her Starbucks habit, etc. Especially when the children barely have enough clothes and food to sustain them. If anyone supports this horror of a ruined Christmas video, it will only encourage to do more awful things that may exploit the children in ways we have yet to imagine.

    By the way, the lyrics in this song are less than elementary. Try kindergarten! Total nonsequitors, repeating half words, no obvious hints why they are waiting for Christmas. More likely, they are waiting to be rescued from their sad, deprived lives.

  2. No way will I purchase anything connected with OctoLEACH and her x anal porn manager!! All the money goes to them and none for the kids. She got over 2 million the first two years of their birth and blew right through it like she will and has every penny since!! Gotta have her plastic surgery, including her plastic surgery on her vagina!! NO THANKS!! The more people encourage this exploitation, the more these kids will be “forced” to do humiliating and embarrassing stuff to earn a dime for the “birthing unit” and her porn manager! The kids look so sad..their eyes look dead…and they remind me of little Romanian orphans!! Even the older kids look forced to do this. They will be teased so bad at school…but hey…gotta make that dollar!!

  3. Oh, you seriously think that any one at all is actually going to buy this?
    Based on what?
    Cruddy forgettably tuneless lyrics, rhythmless music and sad sullen kids all looking like prison labor being forced to sing about a holiday they’ll never get to enjoy the way normal kids do. Even though a caretaker offered to give the youngest eight a normal life that would have freed up Nadya Suleman to be a regular mom to the oldest 6.
    Why would anyone feel the need to support anything this repulsive and benefit a creature that has already squandered millions in the money the public donated. Just recently she was on a beg site getting $3000 saying it was ALL for the about to be homeless kids. Then showing up with obvious new cosmetic surgery on her face.
    HOW TO PUT THE CREEPY IN CHRISTMAS — a holiday that is really after all, about a poor child and His loving parents.,P>
    Suleman’s manager makes money on PUBLICIZING all her twisted doomed schemes no matter how much they fail. Suleman gets very little of that. and the kids don’t see a single nickel . Including for this garbage. All you’re doing is making her manager richer.

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