Man Steals Chinese Food Delivery Vehicle, Keeps Delivering (Video)

Haven’t you heard some really bizarre crack stories? Like “A crack head broke into my house and tried to sell me my own necklace?”  Or “A crack head broke into the Baskin Robbins and started selling ice cream on the street with a spoon, but no cups or cones.”  Well, those days are back again.

Some fool in Hartford, Connecticut, took off in a chinese food delivery car and continued to deliver the man’s orders for him so he could pocket the cash.  Keith Hinds, 45, was able to get away with at least one delivery before the cops caught up to him.

The delivery guy for the Black Bamboo restaurant, who was on camera, but did not want to be
identified by name, (yeah, we didn’t understand that either) thought he was being punked.

“That morning I was watching a prank show with my brother,” the delivery driver said. “I thought my brother and him were in on it. I mean, messing with my head, they wasn’t. Yeah, just crazy.”

Hinds was picked up by his second delivery and taken into police custody.  He was charged with “larceny, possession of less than a half ounce of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to keep drugs in their original containers.”

That last charge is suspect.  Does that mean the crack residue in the crack pipe they found on him tipped them off to the fact there was some crack smoked and there’s no container for the crack?  I’m reaching! Sorry!

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-J.C. Brooks

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