Shocking Walmart Document Shows Set Pay Grade for All Employees (Video)

Walmart is the Michael Jackson of retail stores/convenience stores/drugstores because people just can’t get enough!  And like MJ, there’s always some sort of controversy too.  They’ve been trying to take Walmart down, a peg or two, but nothing seemed to stick until now.

Huffington Post reporters may have discovered a way to, at least, expose Walmart for a dirty practice that has affected worker’s paychecks for who knows how long.  The internal report they found uncovered shocking news about the company’s pay grade tiers.  

Walmart’s Position Pay Grade (PPG) starts at PPG 1 which is equivalent to workers working at the lowest level pushing carts and maybe greeting you as you come in.  They are making minimum wage.  Well, the highest level pay grade is a PPG 7, and that means you’ve probably worked there more than 10 years to make only a $1.70 more than your fellow PPG 1.  Crazy, right?

According to the report:

“Low-level workers typically start near minimum wage, and have the potential to earn raises of 20 to 40 cents an hour through incremental promotions. Flawless performance merits a 60 cent raise per year under the policy, regardless of how much time an employee has worked for the company. As a result, a “solid performer” who starts at Walmart as a cart pusher making $8 an hour and receives one promotion, about the average rate, can expect to make $10.60 after working at the company for 6 years.”

This is insanity!  It appears that the deep discounts we enjoy are a direct result of the low wages Walmart pays their employees.  But, this revelation cannot go quietly into the night.  And surely, this isn’t the last you’re going to hear about it.  They’re already planning a strike because Walmart made the move to have their Black Friday on Thanksgiving night.

Check out the report below and/or read it in full detail here.

-J.C. Brooks

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