Cleveland Bus Rider Upper Cut Hits T-Shirts?!

Some of the infamous current events have turned into major cash cows for some.  Remember Antoine Dodson? His stock shot up after his ordeal and it appears that someone else is looking to cash in on the latest media frenzy.

Two separate sites are selling two different t-shirts that are related to the Cleveland bus driver, Artis Hughes, incident where he dealt a wicked uppercut to a female passenger who had been harassing him while he was driving his bus. has the “You Goin’ to Jail NOW!!” shirt in all kinds of sizes for your “enjoyment.”  The site’s description for the shirt reads as follows:

“You will be sure to enjoy this You Going To Jail Now Cleveland Bus Driver Punch Funny T Shirt which is available on a Black 100% Cotton Tee. The You Going To Jail Now Cleveland Bus Driver Punch Funny T Shirt is available in youth, kids and adult sizes which you can select from the shirt size drop down below. T-Shirt is shipped out via USPS first class mail with tracking number.”

The other t-shirt is available on eBay and has the same slogan, but a different graphic.  There’s only one of these available and you have until November 29, to purchase it.

This might be one of those scenarios where you could say, “Well, can’t knock their hustle.”  But, you don’t want to mention “knock” and this t-shirt in the same breath.  Check them out!  The eBay shirt used the wrong type of bus.  They are in a hurry to make a quick buck! A quick $24 bucks, that is.

-J.C. Brooks

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