UPDATE: New Secession Petition Asks that People that Signed Be Exiled

Someone out there must have been listening or reading the EUR This N That this week.  The people have spoken out against those Americans that want to be divided from America’s government via a secession petition they started after President Obama was re-elected.

Our sentiments were exactly as the new petition states that has been drafted on the White House site and has garnered more than 14,000 signatures.  The petition, like our story, reads:

“Mr. President, please sign an executive order such that each American citizen who signed a petition from any state to secede from the USA shall have their citizenship stripped and be peacefully deported.”

We couldn’t be happier!  Those that are followers of Mitt Romney and are having a pity party for themselves do not realize that taking their sulking as far as to ask for secession is not so patriotic.  But this group hasn’t shown their allegiance before.  Remember when Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin chose to attack the president about the bombings in Benghazi and falsely and/or inaccurately charge the president with not responding immediately to the actions as a terrorist attack?  They chose not to support their country and this is just more of the same behavior.

But, hopefully, this new petition gets everyone’s attention and it will meet the 25,000 signatures to give these traitors exactly what they’re asking for…freedom.

Please check out the petition here.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “UPDATE: New Secession Petition Asks that People that Signed Be Exiled”

  1. Bye b*tches! GTFOH now! See ya’! Y’all DON’T come back (to the union), ya hear! Nobody will miss yo’ a*ses! Cryin’ like little beotches because you didn’t get your way. Rednecks hatin’ on the POTUS because the POTUS is superior to them!

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