Hostess Strike Could Close Company’s Doors

Hostess workers strike for better wages during the company's bankruptcy.

Hostess is America’s beloved treat maker that we’ve coveted for nearly a century.  We’ve hid their goodies from family members,  congratulated children with them, and we all have a chosen favorite from their decadent list of sweets.

But the bread and baked good company may be closing its doors permanently after the company’s workers launched a strike on Monday, according to the Wall Street Journal.  The report says that the company was already in the midst of bankruptcy and they are going to begin liquidation of the entire company if the strike doesn’t end by 5pm Thursday.

In January, Hostess, filed bankruptcy protection for the second time in recent years saying it had to “cut its labor costs in order to survive.”  The strike is a result of the company’s new contract that was forced on the union and included “deep cuts to wages and benefits” for all employees.

The workers are attempting to fight back to strike an agreement that both parties can live with.  If the company closes, 18,000 jobs will be lost.

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-J.C. Brooks

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