Twenty States Sign Secession Petitions to Separate from Obama’s U.S.

Since President Obama's re-election, 20 states want the right to separate from the rest of the United States just as they did during the Civil War.

It appears that since some of the country re-elected President Obama to continue to successfully put out fires of the preceding administration, those that did not, want out.  And somebody PLEASE say they can get it.

For the longest time, some Americans have been asking African Americans to return to Africa as though they are not imports as well. And now that they are asking for secession, my vote is that they get it and return to Europe, so the rest of us can get on with American business…America as it should be!

The absurdity of a new petition to separate from the U.S., should not be met with the same leniency of the Civil War era when the secession resulted in the North (Yankees) vs. the South (Rebels).  Oh no! The U.S. military, upon signing off on the petition to separate, should load up their massive Navy freight ships with America’s expatriates, who want nothing to do with President Obama.

In the 2012 election, the division of America is the same as it was in 1859.

So far, these “rebels” seem to be the same culprits that wanted to continue to enslave African Americans in 1860.  According to the UK’s Daily Mail:

“Along with the Lone Star state, petitions were filed from Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, South Carolina and Tennessee. So keen are the folks in Georgia for a separation, that they filed their petition twice. “

If you check the map from 1859 to present, the division of America and its ideas have not changed.  The same states that made up the Rebel armies are most of the same states that voted for Mitt Romney and want to secede from the rest of America again.  New York and Michigan? You should be ashamed! But, I know it’s just a small Ted Nugent few of you and the petition signature quota will never be met.  Most of you voted for Obama.

The petitions require 25,000 signatures for government to give it a serious look.  Texas is leading the pack so far with 23,000 signatures.  If there was ever a time for our president to show his bravado, it is now!  I would love to see him docking Navy vessels as he addresses the nation and announces a mass exodus of his dissatisfied few.

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-J.C. Brooks

7 thoughts on “Twenty States Sign Secession Petitions to Separate from Obama’s U.S.”

  1. Problem is Obama has the lowest approval rate of any President by the military. Sum up they do not like him.

  2. 1. a secession does not mean that the people who sign it leave it means the state that passes it will (as a whole) secede form the union (united states) thus removing a state from the us entierly (not partly as your ill worded and badly informed statement attepts to relay)
    2. the “leniency” you referd to was war followd by martial law and an almost complete destruction of the souths economic culture, ruining many AMERICANS lives and the future of the entire countries economic structure (arguably the main reson for the problems we are having now)
    3. if you would like to bring the civil war into this debate then 1st you need to get your facts straight, the war didn’t even address slavery or the treatment of slaves untill the north (yanks) started losing and had to find more people to send off to fight and who better than the only people not already fighting (the slaves) and the south treated thier slaves well because unlike in the north (where they had no real use other than servants) they where needed in the south and extreamly important to the operation of plantaions and farms (making them to valuable to harm, unless they stopped working at witch point they where[for lack of a better word] usless). so your claim of the slavery aspect is uninformd, childish, and above all false
    4. if you are as much a patriot as you are trying to relay then how bout a little test. what are the INALIENABLE rights the EVERY man (and woman) are born with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. now that last one is key here the pursuit of happiness that means what exactly? seams pretty simple if you arnt happy you have a right to attempt to make yourself happy.

  3. that brings me to another point. what happend to freedom of speech if these people want to say and do these things who are you to attempt to punish them for it or are you attempting to oppress another americans point of view and freedoms.
    5. maybe you should stop thinking about what we should do to the people who want to change things and look to the future a little bit. like the fact that even if only say half of these states actualy secede what do you think the rest of the world will see. ill tell you they will see a country at odds, and not just any country but america the worlds “superpower”. now think of this for one second, we have enemies right, and these enemies have been waiting for years to find any weakness strike. now some people will say “but we have freinds and treaties” well what makes treaties stick well thier are two things one both countries have something to offer each other and two one country is more powerfull than the other so the weaker one has no choice , but what makes america sooo strong our unite and if we fall apart as a country we are weak and if we are weak then we cant make people obey thier treaties and no one wants a weak usless freind so lets just think about that for a second. what happens to “united america” if it becomes “divided america”. my point is simple thing do need to change and thier are some definite problems but your attitude is the exact kind of uniformed half hazzard thing that put this country where we are today and the most important part of succesfully changing this country for the better is to learn from our past and the one thing no one seams to be able to remember is our greatest problems came from over reaction. maybe we all need to take a step back and reiew the real problems and what freedoms we acttualy have, like freedom of speech, and remember it isnt just your freedom its everyones

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