Jokey Joke: ‘Dragon Baby’ Strikes Down Evil!

The Dragon Baby, aka Romeo, goes hard on an evil threat to his empire!

In case you haven’t seen the antics of one father’s fantasies set to video going viral all over YouTube, we’re going to help you out!

This video will take you on an awesome adventure with Canadian filmmaker Patrick Boivin’s son Romeo, as he throws down his master kung-fu moves on an evil dragon threatening his empire…or backyard.

It appears to be a normal day in the neighborhood when Romeo goes on a stroll through the grass and takes a seat to bask in the sun of his kingdom. But then, an object comes flying at his head and his life is threatened.

Romeo springs to action as the evil dragon threatens him with more weaponry.  He goes in, but finds that the dragon is a formidable opponent.  He then has to take drastic measures and go with the death claw that ends the brawl!

Check them out!

-J.C. Brooks

Adventures of Dragon Baby!

Behind the Scenes with Filmmaker Patrick Boivin:

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