A Salute to our Military and Veterans this Veteran’s Day (Video)

The country has a great debt of gratitude to show the military today and every day.  We are safe and warm in our homes while they fight for us across the seas and fight for those across the seas that are not safe against their own government and vigilante militia groups.

Today, we take the time to tell all of you that we appreciate what you do.  We appreicate the bravery it takes to make a better life not only for your children, but for ours.  We thank you for laying your lives on the line and making sacrifices for a country that has not always been so gracious or appreciative of you.

Thank you veterans and active serviceman.  We stand and salute you.  Those that have lost their loved ones in the many wars that have been fought, we owe you a moment of silence.  Again…THANK YOU.

Enjoy the new commercial “Thank You For Your Service”, that expresses the heartfelt thanks we give to those who have served and those that are still active.  We embrace you.

-J.C. Brooks

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