Sesame Street Recreates Special Hurricane Episode to Air Today

Special Sesame Street episode for Hurricane Sandy survivors airs Friday, November 9, 2012.

Sesame Street is showing off today!  They are throwing a 1-2 punch at Mitt Romney with their classic, responsible programming.

Today Sesame Street will air a special hurricane episode with the goal of reaching children and families that have been affected by Hurricane Sandy, according to Entertainment Weekly.  The episode aired in 2001, but has been customized into a new special to help children understand about weather-related fear, destruction and loss.

The hurricane episode was re-aired in 2005 for Hurricane Katrina, but has been condensed and edited for Hurricane Sandy victims.  The editors that worked on the program were nothing less than heroic in making this episode happen:

The show’s tapes were stranded in a storage facility in Long Island City, Queens; its lead editor was trapped in Hoboken, one of New Jersey’s hardest-hit cities; its assistant editor was hit by a car while riding a bike from her home in Brooklyn to Sesame Street‘s offices in Manhattan. Still, the team managed to pull together and create something to be proud of. “Nobody even blinked an eye,” Zylstra recalls. “If you said, ‘Sorry, we need you to come over from Hoboken, and we know you’ve got no power at home, and we know you have to climb over sandbags to get out of your house…”

The report goes on to say that the assistant editor with the fractured wrist came in the next day saying:

” ‘Okay, I’m ready. I can digitize with my other hand.’”

That’s dedication!  Wow!  The episode follows Big Bird as he sees his nest demolished by the storm and returns after his nest was repaired to find he still cannot have access to it.

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-J.C. Brooks

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