Jokey Joke: Jimmy Fallon’s Rendition of Mitt Romney’s Concession Call (Video)

Jimmy Fallon's rendition of Mitt Romney's concession call to President Obama, Wednesday, November 7, 2012.

Jimmy Fallon’s jokes are unlimited.  He has had the President and the First Lady on his show and joked with them both.  But he has now successfully pulled off a joke without the President, using a look-a-like of the President receiving his concession call from his opponent.

Mitt Romney and President Obama sit in a split screen shot of them both as Romney calls Obama to concede.  Obama prepares for the call from Romney saying:

“Ohhhh, this is going to be good!”  He answers the call pretending to not know it’s Mitt Romney saying, “Preeeesident Obama!”  Then asks Romney, “What’s new?!”

Obama then asks Romney if this is his concession call and Romney says:

“This is my concession call, congratulations, blah blah blah, you did it.”

When Obama asks how Paul Ryan is taking the whole thing and Romney says,

“He just ripped apart a Bowflex machine with his bare hands!”

Obama then says to Romney:

“I heard that you didn’t even  write a concession speech!”

Romney: It’s true, I didn’t.  I really thought I had this one.  Wwhat happened.

Obama:  Well you forgot about the Latino vote. Sixty percent of Latinos voted for me.

Romney: Which is odd since 80 percent of Latinos work for me.

It gets crazier.  Check it out! Hilarious! Thanks Jimmy!

-J.C. Brooks

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