Chris Christie Still Angry with Romney Aides (Video)

Chris Christie on the campaign trail for Mitt Romney going in hard on Obama saying the President "doesn't know anything about leadin' ", during a rally October 19, 2012.

The election is over.  President Obama is still the president and all is right with the world.  But in Mitt Romney’s camp, there are still those that won’t let it die.  They are living in “shoulda woulda coulda” land.

Governor Chris Christie lives in and governs New Jersey though and he is steaming mad over the Romney aids that are still running their yaps over his refusal to join Mitt Romney at a campaign location in Jersey, according to Huffington Post.  Christie told reporters during a press conference Tuesday:

“I told Governor Romney at that time that if the storm landed as predicted that it was going to be catastrophic to New Jersey and unprecedented,” Christie said. “I said to him, ‘Listen, Mitt, if this storm hits the way I think it’s going to, I’m off the campaign trail from here to Election Day.’ And he said to me, ‘Chris, of course. That’s what you have to do. Do your job, don’t worry about me. I’ll take care of things.’ So all this other noise, I think, is coming from know-nothing, disgruntled Romney staffers who, you know, don’t like the fact that I said nice things about the President of the United States. Well, that’s too bad for them.”

And that is too bad for them, Christie! We hear you.  Let’s just hope that you maintain this attitude because it’s a little different than it was prior to the storm….right before the storm!  You were talkin’ a lot of smickety smack just a couple weeks ago telling folks at a rally that our president didn’t know anything about leading this country because the president said “You can’t change Washington from the inside.”:

“He doesn’t know anything about leadin’. He’s never led anything in his life. Until we made him President of the United States, he never led anything in his life…then he became a United States Senator and he barely showed up in Washington, D.C., to take the oath of office and started running for president of the United States.  Then he spent next two years running for president of the United States.  He’d been a law professor, a community organizer, and a state legislator.  He never ran anything in his life.  And so, the president doesn’t know how to lead.   I mean watch what he’s been like for the past four years.  He’s like a man wandering around a dark room; hands up against the wall,  clutching for the light switch of leadership and he won’t find it in the next 18 days…blindly walking around the white house looking for a clue.”

Hey Christie!  Now aren’t you feeling fortunate that the president is a bigger man than you…AND THAT’S NO SMALL FEAT!

Listen to the switch-up !

-J.C. Brooks

Chris Christie supporting Mitt Romney on the campaign trail. He goes in on President Obama…hard! :

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