Inmate Confesses to Murder on Deathbed, then SURVIVES!

James Washington, 50, admits to the brutal 1995 murder of 35-year-old Joyce Goodener, while already serving 15 years in a Nashville prison for second-degree murder.

On such a glorious morning while celebrating our President’s re-election, we are brought back to earth with the idiots that still exist.  Although, this idiot worked in our favor by admitting that he had committed a brutal murder.

James Washington, 50, is an inmate in Nashville, Tennessee, serving 15 years for a second-degree murder conviction from 2006.  But, what officials didn’t know is that a brutal murder convicted in 1995, was his handy work as well.

According to ABC News, Washington suffered a “seizure attack” in 2009, and thought that he was dying.  In what may have been his last ditch attempt to make it into the pearly gates, he confessed that he murdered Joyce Goodener.  Goodener was a 35-year-old Nashville woman whose body was found by firefighters inside an abandoned home.  According to authorities, she was “stabbed, beaten with a cinder block, rolled in a rug and set on fire.”

The two might have had a relationship, but it is not certain.  We don’t know if he’ll ever get into heaven, but he won’t be in this general population again.

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-J.C. Brooks

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  1. THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.. FUNNY. This gives that phrase a whole new meaning.

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