Jokey Joke: Chris Rock Says Obama is the Best ‘White’ Candidate (Video)

Many of us forget that President Obama is partly caucasian, but not Chris Rock! He figures that white people are turning out in droves for Mitt Romney because he’s white.  Well, he just wants them to know that he has the best white candidate for them…in case they forgot.

Rock makes his case that Barack Obama is the best white candidate saying that President Barack Obama was raised as “Barry Obama” for the first part of his life, which is the third whitest name after Cody and Jeff.  He wears mom jeans, he body surfs, he even came in the black community to help organize when black people don’t come to the community to organize, “they’re already there.”

He even says:

“Barack Obama supports gay marriage. Most black men don’t even support straight marriage.”

Chris is once again delivering the laughs that make you think! If you really want to vote for change, white people! Vote Barack Obama!

Check him out!

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Jokey Joke: Chris Rock Says Obama is the Best ‘White’ Candidate (Video)”

  1. he trying to be funny, but chiris rock he black and he fine, i take him over any man. i vote for barack obama not barry chris can you say BARACK OBAMA he the man a smart black man, whites are evil and obama is goood, peace.

  2. @sandra floyd…blacks are just as evil as whites.

    Who REALLY cares that Obama’s biracial? He was voted president for two terms. A great amount of the white population voted for Barack b/c they believed in him and what he stood for. If him being half-white had anything to do w/ their decision to vote for him then being half-black didn’t cost him the presidency.

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