UPDATE: Chicago Schools CEO to Receive $250,000 in Severance Pay

Jean-Claude Brizard walking with Rahm Emanuel in high times in Chicago.

Remember when the Chicago teachers were having all that trouble over there?  They had to hit the streets with fierce determination to get better pay and job security through their union.  We reported October 12, that the then CEO for the Chicago schools took the high road and gave up his job to keep from being a distraction to the negotiations. NOT!

Jean-Claude Brizard gave up his position because a hefty negotiation apparently was made to get him to walk out the door.  This dude did not do what he was hired to do and still got to walk away from his mistake–like so many other CEO’s of major companies–with:

  • $250,000 severance pay;
  • Full Benefits for him and his family; and
  • a glowing recommendation

According to the Huffington Post, Brizard, before coming to Chicago, was voted out of the Rochester, New York school system with a 95 percent vote of no confidence.  So with such a sour past behind him it boggles my mind as to why Rahm Emanuel would have chosen him in the first place.

Not only that, after he made a mess in Chicago, he’s now being given a glowing recommendation?  What gives?  Are we being punked?!  Is he a plant?

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-J.C. Brooks

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