NYC Looters Take To Twitter to Coordinate and Brag

Hurricane Sandy is still bearing down on the New York City and New Jersey areas.  We have watched (if you have power) in horror all of the images and reports coming out of both cities and states.  But now we’re mortified by the folks that have popped up on Twitter as a result of the storm damage.

Looting was inevitable as people are in need of everything after a storm.  We saw it during Hurricane Katrina and now it’s happening during Hurricane Sandy…with a twist.  During Katrina, the media took it upon themselves to sensationalize and publicize the supposed looters, which became noticeable later that they referred to black people with goods and resources as looters, but whites were merely “finding” things.  This time, black or white, folks took to Twitter to publicize their own bad behavior.

Looters have taken to Twitter to show how they are taking advantage of all the stores that have been ravaged by the storm.  But they are not just hitting stores and/or commercial businesses, they are hitting homes of those who have evacuated and had to leave their things behind.

According to Daily Mail, one twit on Twitter that goes by the handle SevenleafB, put up this post:

The most ridiculous is the woman standing…well kinda standing in some awkward pose with her son’s new shirt outside of what appears to be a Sears & Roebuck.  And her son takes to Twitter to thank her.  Sorry, but your mom will be picked up next week after they see your Tweet, twit! Which bears your full name above her picture.  But a much bigger haul was made at some store, but the twit says he just “found” some boxes of iPhone 5’s.  Maybe he’s white, if we’re using Hurricane Katrina media rules:


This is the most ignant mess ever!  There is no regard for the victim’s well being.  They could be looting the house of people who died in the storm! Who knows?  But, the looter’s motto is obviously, “You can’t take it with you!”

Read and see more Tweets here.

-J.C. Brooks

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