No One Helps Woman as Her Sons Are Pulled From Her Arms in the Storm

Glenda Moore and her husband Damian Moore devastated by the loss of their sons as they approach the area where one of the children were found.

We’ve seen the looters and folks crowding to charging stations, subways closed, over 100 houses burned to the ground in Queens, New York, but nothing as devastating as the deaths that occurred.

Glenda Moore, 39, a Staten Island, New York nurse, was seeking a safe place for her and her sons, Brandon, 2,  and Connor, 4, when their car stalled in water and was struck by a “giant wave.”  She had to pop their seat belts and get out of the car in order to save their lives, according to the Daily Mail.  She stuck the two children under her arms, but the crippling waves swept her children away from her and she could not get to them quick enough.  She just wanted to get to safety; to her mother, Maria Lemaire, 64, in Brooklyn.

She pounded on doors asking for help and the neighbors of Father Capodanno Boulevard in South Beach turned her away saying things like:

“I don’t know you. I’m not going to help you.”

Another house turned off the lights.

She pleaded with them to “Please Call 911.”  She laid in the streets screaming for her children for 12 hours.  Her and her husband, Damian, are devastated as these are the only children they have.

Our hearts go out to the Moore family.  The amount of pain is immeasurable, but to be turned away by residents adds insult to injury.  Someone had to know at some point that this woman posed no threat to them.  Unimaginable.

Read more details here. This is America at its worst.

-J.C. Brooks

2 thoughts on “No One Helps Woman as Her Sons Are Pulled From Her Arms in the Storm”

  1. WOW my heart goes out to this family but it makes me so angry that no one wanted to help but you know Karma is a mother and the blood of jesus will forever be on the hands of those who don’t repent for not helping. WOW SMH!!!!

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