Man Nabbed in ‘Operation Madea’ Bank Robbery (Video)

Marvin Webb, 45, robs First Security Bank in Robinsonville, Kansas, the day after Thanksgiving dressed like a old woman.

This story should be in our Jokey Joke section, but the incident is real and the perpetrator was quite serious about committing the crime…dressed as Madea?

On the day after Thanksgiving, 45-year-old Marvin Webb of Girard, Kansas, thought it would be a good idea to dress up like an elderly woman to rob the First Security Bank in Robinsonville.  But, somehow, authorities saw through the costume and quickly arrested him. Continue reading

UPDATE: Hostess Gets Approval to Pay Execs Bonuses??

Hostess has just laid off more than 18,000 people in their liquidation and bankruptcy of their near 90-year old company, yet  it appears that SOME made out like fat rats in the deal.

Speaking of rats, Hostess executives will receive bonuses because they claim that they did a good job “meeting certain budget goals during the liquidation,” according to the Associated Press. The bonuses for 19 of these execs total $1.8 million and it does not include the compensation for the CEO. Continue reading

Has Gary Dourdan Sunk Into a Drug Hole? (Video)

What happened to Gary Dourdan?

Hot celebrity heart throbs don’t always stay that way ladies.  Age, experience, HOLLYWOOD, and the remnants of it take a toll.

Lipstick Alley and others have posted shocking pictures of Gary Dourdan that we’re hoping is  photoshopped image or something! But it’s not looking very good.

The claim has been that he’s on Methamphetamine or Meth and various other drugs.  The EUR reported when he was busted for being in possession of Ecstasy in June of 2011, but he’s been riddled with a lot of problems since then. Continue reading

Zimmerman Goes Hollywood Signing Thank You’s to Donors

George Zimmerman in court in October, will start signing Thank You cards to donors.

While we wait for the Trayvon Martin case to begin, both families involved must be sitting on pins and needles worried about the outcome.  But wait! Is that Zimmerman over there signing autographs?

Yep! George Zimmerman is out signing his autograph for a long line of ….well, no one that’s lining up anyway.  He’s taking it upon himself to thank all those who have given money to his defense fund, according to Yahoo! News.  He’s probably hoping to wrangle more money out of those donors and bring attention to his defense fund deficit. Continue reading

Man Cries ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law After Shooting Teen for Loud Music

Jordan Russell Davis, 17, was killed by Michael David Dunn, 45, over loud music the day after Thanksgiving, Friday, November 23, 2012.

The Trayvon Martin case made national attention in February 2011, and won’t make it to court until June 10, 2013.  But, now there’s a new case, again, out of Florida, that will hopefully point out further flaws in the Stand Your Ground law.

Michael David Dunn, 45, is a Florida gun collector that came to Jacksonville, Florida, for a wedding.  He was waiting in the car for his girlfriend while she ran into a gas station store, when he was annoyed by loud music coming from an SUV parked next to him with three young men inside.

He told them to cut it down and words were exchanged.  Dunn began to fire into the truck eight or nine times, killing high school junior, Jordan Russell Davis, 17, who was seated in the backseat of the SUV. Continue reading

Jokey Joke: Brazilian Version of ‘Punk’d’ Scares Folks in Elevator (Video)

Brazilian prank show scares the bejeezus out of folks in a creepy elevator.

Some people enjoy being afraid and that’s why they are the first to hit the theaters for the most horrific foolishness that can be set to film.  But, if they thought any element of that film could be true, they would not be so amused.

According to the Huffington Post, Brazil has a show equivalent to Ashton Kutcher’s “Punk’d” called ‘Programa Silvio Santos’ and on one recent episode, unsuspecting folks are directed by some unidentified woman into an elevator…a creepy elevator. Continue reading

Fight Breaks Out Between Nets and Celtics, Humphries Tweets Injury (Video)

Boston Celtics vs. Brooklyn Nets after Chris Humphries drives a hard foul to Kevin Garnett in Wednesday night's game, November 28, 2012.

The NBA is off to a great start with basketball action!  They’ve already had one brawl and a couple ejections…just yesterday.

The Brooklyn Nets literally came up against the Boston Celtics Wednesday night in a game that could be characterized as “basketball gone hockey!”  Rajon Rondo, who we just finished talking about Nov. 1,  in his nastiness with Dwyane Wade, was at it again last night. Continue reading

Driver Hits and Kills 6-Year-Old Gets 1 Year, Brawl Ensues (Video)

Two families-- the accused and the victim's--clash after driver Dedrick Ashford, 23, was sentenced to one year in prison for striking and killing a toddler with his van.

The families of murder victims are often so distraught from the sentencing given to the victim’s killer that they do irrational things.  Some may not agree with their actions, but their emotion is understandable.

A Milwaukee family was blindsided by a sentence of one year in prison and one year of probation for 23-year-old driver Dedrick Ashford, for striking and killing 6-year-old Christopher Wade with his car in April.  Not only did he kill the toddler, but he was driving without a license and under the influence of marijuana. Continue reading