Voter ID Laws Still Causing Problems at the Polls

The sides are so close for our President and that other guy, that many have taken advantage of the early voting.  One commentator said that due to early voting  we’re not having an “election day, this is election month.”  But some are still being prevented from voting due to false and misleading information.  We’re already sitting on pins and needles worrying about those who are in areas where polling places and homes have been destroyed.  Now, there are a lot more factors that will be changing the election day turnout.

The Voter ID laws that have been passed in Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin are being ignored and/or confused by the very people that are supposed to be able to effectively direct voters into one of the most important moments of their life…voting.  A writer, Dallas Morning News columnist Wayne Slater went to a polling place to vote over the weekend and attempted to use his utility bill as his ID, which is on the list as an acceptable form of ID.  The poll worker, supposedly unwittingly, told him that he must show her his driver’s license, according to the Huffington Post.

There was a supervisor called into the situation and the poll worker told the supervisor–who by the way, approved his utility bill as ID–that he was not a registered voter.  But then, wait! What is this?  The supervisor reveals that PEGGY WAS SPELLING THE MAN’S NAME WRONG!! Are you kidding me?  C’MON…………………….SON!! What kind of fraggle nackle bull crackle is that?  Do you know how many crazy people like Peggy the poll worker that we will come into contact with, but there will not be a well-informed supervisor?!

Well, we’re doing our part to inform you that those of you in those states are not prevented from voting because you do not have a driver’s license.  In Wisconsin, ThinkProgress reports that training documents distributed by Romney’s camp “to poll watchers include inaccurate information about who is eligible to vote.”

As Slater explained in his report:

“I voted, but you have to wonder: What if an elderly person or a citizen with English as a second language had done the same thing? Would they have been turned away? Would they have been intimidated and left?”

This is what we’re worried about.  And the Republicans are behind the games which makes this more of a problem for Democratic voters.

PLEASE! DO NOT BE FOOLED!  Read more on this here.

-J.C. Brooks

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