Shaq Gives the Ugliest, Most Awfulest Prince Impression Ever (Video)

Shaq challenges Michael Strahan to a karaoke Prince.

Kelly & Michael–formerly Regis & Kelly–like to have as much fun as Kelly and Regis once had.  Now they’ve brought in Michael Strahan as the new co-host and it appears he’s brought some trouble with him.

Shaquille O’Neal, affectionately called Shaq, had issued a karaoke sing-off between himself and Michael Strahan and decided to bring his showdown to the show.  Michael seemed to have it all under control until……..SHAQ ENTERED THE ROOM AS HIS PURPLE BADNESS…THAT’S RIGHT! PRINCE!  Then he lost it!  Everybody in the studio lost it!

This seven foot fool had no business putting on Prince’s crushed velvet  purple, pants with the white buttons down the side.  Not only was his outfit crazy, the spiral curl wig he was wearing was even more ridiculous.

Did I mention the song was “When Doves Cry”?  Yeah…he took it there.  Check him out!

-J.C. Brooks

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