Chicago Rapper Lil’ Reese Exposed on Video Beating His Girlfriend (Video)

An unidentified young woman surrounded by Lil Reese and a friend that eggs on a fight between them.

When Chris Brown and Rihanna clashed in 2009, and the incident went around the world, you would think that it was condemned wholeheartedly by the people of that age group. But instead, that incident on top of the already violent climate between teenagers did nothing but get worse.

A video of a Chicago rapper called Lil’ Reese, beating his girlfriend went viral last week after being leaked by an unknown source to Worldstar Hip Hop.  The 19-year old Def Jam recording artist appeared to be leaving his girlfriend’s house when the savage beating occurred, according to The Grio.

She had an exchange of words with him and his friend that resulted in him pushing at her and taking a swing at her.   But once she retaliated, he flew into a rage.  He repeatedly punched her and eventually stomped her with his friend egging him on saying:

“Stomp her!  We up outta here, bitch!”

The amazing thing about this incident is that it has, once again, left people split over the incident.  It is the norm for these young women to get beat up like this with little to no provocation.  According to the report, some are on his side saying she provoked him and others want to see his music boycotted.

Sure! There may be a lot more back story to what led up to this moment.  But, whatever it is, lil homie, it doesn’t support your actions.  You should be locked up!

What do you think? Check out the video below.

-J.C. Brooks

3 thoughts on “Chicago Rapper Lil’ Reese Exposed on Video Beating His Girlfriend (Video)”

  1. I think you should not only lock his stupid lil ass up but lock him up with some angry, great big ass diesel inmates and see if he wants to fight their ass. First of all this fake ass mutha phucker, I have never heard of him and his whack ass and secondly, he is nothing but a bitch ass little boy like his friend because a man is almost always going to be stronger than a female so it doesn’t take much for a dude to beat up a girl. I don’t care if she provoked him by running off at the mouth, all his lil pussy ass had to do was walk away, shit, go get another chick if it was all that. He’s nothing but a cunt ass little boy. Hope a REAL dude whips his ass and stomps him so he sees how it feels.

  2. I agree with the writer and the comment above. He and his accomplice friend should be locked up. The police/county can still press charges against both. I don’t know the back story either, but he could have just left. That’s what your “friend” should have been telling you to do. Leave! That was vicious. Please stop naming these men “Lil” so they can grow up and act like real hu-men-, not animals.

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