Same Murder Cases by Black and White Murderers, But Two Different Controversial Murder Charges (Video)

Dontae Robinson, 17, (left) and Justin Robinson, 15, are charged with the first degree murder of Autumn Pasquale of Clayton, New Jersey, October 24, 2012.

Children are being victimized every day all over the country.  They are being kidnapped, murdered, sold, and defiled in ways that keep us up at night.  Some of these children are never found, thus their families never find closure. But closure by way of a horrific crime committed against a child is probably equally heartbreaking for a family.

The Pasquale family had been looking for their daughter Autumn Pasquale, since Saturday, October 20, when she rode off on her bike in the small middle class town of Clayton, New Jersey.  Apparently, Autumn was a bit of a bike aficionado and she was lured by Dontae, 17, and Justin Robinson, 15, for the promise of parts for her bike.

Justin is a Clayton High School football player, and both he and his brother Dontae, have been charged as juveniles with first-degree murder.  The twist in the case is that their mother was the one to come forward with information that led to their arrest.  For two days, 200 officers and hundreds of local residents distributed 8,000 fliers with a picture of Autumn on them and thoroughly raked through streets and fields searching for anything that would lead to her.

The brothers are known for having bicycle parts.  One of Autumn’s friends, Duane LoCastro, 15, who is also a fellow player on the Clayton football team with Justin, said they stole his bike once:

“I went to Justin, and went in his backyard, and took it back; I knew he had it.”

Austin Reed Sigg, 17, murdered missing 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway, and is not being charged with first degree murder.

The community is stunned by the revelation that these two boys would go as far as to kill her and stuff her body in a recycle bin.  They are the second of two high profile cases where teenagers have been the culprits in the deaths of missing young girls.  The other is the murder of Jessica Ridgeway, 10, who went missing on her way to school, October 5, near Denver, Colorado.  Austin Reed Sigg, 17, was also turned in by his mother.  He mutilated the child’s body, but the district attorney is only charging him with attempted murder and attempted kidnapping. WHAT?!  What’s the difference in these two cases except that this teenager, acted alone and according to authorities didn’t leave the girl’s body “intact”?  It’s also highly probable that he will be charged with the attempted kidnapping of another woman near his home.


Read more here on the brothers! And watch the video below on Austin Reed Sigg!  TELL US THE DIFFERENCE YOU SEE IN THESE TWO CASES AND WHY THIS BOY IS NOT GETTING A FIRST DEGREE MURDER CHARGE.

-J.C. Brooks

Jessica Ridgeway story:

5 thoughts on “Same Murder Cases by Black and White Murderers, But Two Different Controversial Murder Charges (Video)”

  1. That’s actually not true. Austin Sigg will be charged with kidnapping and 2 counts of first degree murder.

  2. The new charges are up because he confessed. But where does the second count of first degree murder come from? Thanks Coloradan!

  3. I believe you’re confused about which crimes of Siggs’ resulted in the charges you quoted. Before allegedly killing his most recent victim, he tried to subdue another woman. Here’s a blurb about *that* case that may explain your confusion:

    In the Ketner Lake case, Sigg is charged with attempted murder in the first degree, attempted sexual assault and attempted second-degree kidnapping. Each of those is also accompanied by a crime of violence sentence enhancer.(From news site

    As an aside, I’ll say that while I believe Sigg to be a sociopathic criminal, I’m not sure you can make the case that he was attempting murder or sexual assault by grabbing this woman and putting a chemical-laden cloth up to her face.

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