New PAC Sponsors Ad Showing Young African Americans Against Obama (Video)

Ad sponsored by Pivot Point has African Americans saying that the president doesn't "respect" us.

The third Presidential Debate was quite amusing as we watched Mitt Romney dance around the foreign policy issues and grab hold to the president’s coattails and not let go.  Like Al Sharpton said, he just needed to survive and that’s what he did…by endorsing Obama’s every move on foreign policy.

But now here comes a super PAC sponsored ad for Romney that puts the less than qualified candidate at the forefront for young African Americans.  Two young black people, a man and a woman, are seen in black and white saying that the president, essentially, does not care about the black community:

“What has he done as president?” asks the young black woman.

“And his support of gay marriage is a slap in the face to people of faith,” she adds.

“Cut aid to black colleges,” says the young black male. “Cut aid to black businesses.”

The two conclude their argument saying that President Obama doesn’t respect them.  How is it possible that these ideas have been ingrained in such young people, you say?  Well, a partnership between Pivot Point, headed by Dave Shemwell and Rev. Wayne Perryman, a local black evangelical pastor in Washington state.

According to The Slate, the two have come together to:

“…communicate to African-American communities that it’s okay to consider switching political parties.”

Shemwell would like the more naive, like Perryman and those featured in the ad, to believe that it’s about political party, but it seems that it’s about race.  Why not diversify the young people involved in the ad?  Why show them in black and white?  While the new PAC only raised $15,000 to construct the ad, it’s showing for nearly nothing on BET.  The Slate reported:

“It’s raised less than $15,000, but that’s more than enough to put it on the air in two markets — the Seattle area, where the PAC managers live, and Cleveland. In both markets, it’s playing on BET for next to nothing. I called Dave Shemwell, the scientist who runs the PAC in his spare time.  ‘You have no power when people take you for granted,” Shemwell told the Grio. “You only have power when people believe realistically that you’ll seek an alternative if they don’t come through.’ ”

But it appears that Shemwell is exploiting African Americans to complete his sinister agenda against President Obama, not the Democratic party.  If not, then, he would be more substantive in his attacks against the president and be more inclusive of all people in his rant and not just African Americans.

Reverend Wayne Perryman, is also the author of Whites, Blacks & Racist Democrats and he calls the black community “a forgotten race.”

“The Democrats take it for granted. They don’t put anything on the table, but they get our vote,” he said. “For all the votes they’re getting, they should have an agenda.”

But where were all of these black conservatives when Reagan and the Bush’s set all of this into motion.  The black community’s problems BEGAN with them, yet no one held their feet to the fire as they divested from black America.  Go somewhere with this bullcrap, Shemwell and Perryman!

Check out the ad for yourself and read more here on the anti-dynamic duo.

One thought on “New PAC Sponsors Ad Showing Young African Americans Against Obama (Video)”

  1. Both Mitt Rommney and his father were high ranking officers in the Mormon church. Despite Mr. Rommney’s comment that his father marched with Martin Luther King, there is documented evidence that the Mormon church considers blacks to be inferior. The following excerpts speak for themselves:

    1947 the First Presidency of the LDS MORMON Church issued an Official Statement: “From the days of the Prophet Joseph Smith even until now, it has been the doctrine of the Church, never questioned by Church leaders, that the Negroes are not entitled to the full blessings of the Gospel”. (Statement of The First Presidency on the Negro Question, July 17, 1947, quoted in Mormonism and the Negro,pp.46-7)

    Look what Mormon scriptures preach about black skinned people…

    “…there was a blackness came upon all the children of Canaan, that they were despised among all people…(Mormon Pearl of Great Price Moses 7:8)”.

    for the seed of Cain were black, and had not place among them (Mormon Pearl of Great Pricee Moses 7:22)”.

    This teaches all LDS Mormons that Black skin is a CURSE FROM the Mormon GOD (THIS IS NOT THE HOLY BIBLE)

    “…cursing to come upon them, yea, even a sore cursing…the Lord God did cause a skin of BLACKNESS to come upon them (Nook of Mormon 2 Nephi 5:21)”.


    “Who placed the Negroes originally in darkest Africa? Was it some man, or was it God? And when He placed them there, He segregated them…The Lord segregated the people…At least in the cases of the LAMANITES and the NEGROES we have a definite word of the Lord Himself that He placed a dark skin upon them as a CURSE…(Race Problems–As They Affect the Church, August 27,1954, address at CES convention at Brigham Young University).

    LDS Mormon Apostle Alvin R. Dwyer

    “… you may have often heard missionaries say it or have asked the question: Why is a Negro a Negro?…The reason that spirits are born into Negro bodies is because those spirits rejected the Priesthood of God in the pre-existence. This is the reason why you have Negroes upon the earth.

    (the Missionary Conference in Oslo, Norway, March 18, 1961, printed in The Negro in Mormon Theology, pp. 48-58)

    “…A BLACK SKIN IS A MARK OF THE CURSE OF HEAVEN…Some, however, will argue that a black skin is not a curse…In fact, some have been so foolish as to believe and say that a black skin is a blessing, and that the negro is the finest type of a perfect man that exists on the earth; but to us such teachings are foolishness. We understand that when God made man in His own image and pronounced him very good, that He made him white…”

    {LDS MORMON MAGAZINE Juvenile Instructor, Vol. 3, page 157)

    If Mr. Rommney becomes the president, what role will people of color and women play in his administration? Will the United States be supportive of the countries if Africa?

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