WORST PARENT EVER! Mother Booty Poppin’ While Child Raps (Video)

Boy with unidentified booty poppin' woman in the background of his amateur rap video.

We’ve seen some of the pics from Hot Ghetto Mess.com and some other sites out there that show, mostly women, behaving badly.  But this one takes the cake.

One little boy is rapping while someone is taping his performance with his aunt or some unidentified woman as his background dancer.  She puts on her stripper act from the club in the background.  The sick part of her performance occurs early in his performance when her tig ol’ bitties jump out of her t-shirt during the performance.  She has the t-shirt squeezed so tight it was inevitable.  And it doesn’t help that there’s an unseen audience pumping them both up repeating:

“Girl with the donk! Girl with the donk!”

WorldStar Hip Hop comes up with the wildest content.  They call the tape: “Bad Parenting of the Week:  St. Louis Mom in the Background Twerking with Tiddays Almost Coming Out While Son Raps About her “Donk”!”  It appears that the woman in the video may not be his mother because he tries to get someone that you cannot see into the shot as he says:

“Here come my mama!”

This is absolutely absurd and will make you cringe from beginning to end.  If anyone knows these two, please pick up the phone and call CPS tonight….PLEASE!

Check her out!

-J.C. Brooks

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