Annoying White Guy Roams U of M Campus ‘Actin’ Up’ (Video)

Unidentified white guy roams University of Michigan campus trying to agitate the students.

Some people just do not have enough to do with their time.  We have enough on our plates every day without the strange and unusual coming up talking to us and further complicating our day.

One white guy is walking the campus of University of Michigan agitating students with antics that are flavored with a little hip hop swag.  He travels the campus like a struggling rapper that is a hustleman on the side.  In fact, he’s yelling to everyone that he has anything they might need.  

But at the end, his little Vanilla Ice routine seems to be just that…a routine.  He’s trying to hip hop his way around the campus to see how people would react to his antics. It appears to be some kind of experiment.  He’s selling tickets, doing a horrible Dougie, flirting with the girls, and just acting an all around ass all set to Cam’ron’s “Oh Boy” playing as his soundtrack to his Tom Foolery.

Check him out!  I think he was on the wrong campus if he was looking for a reaction.

-J.C. Brooks

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