Gregory Brothers Autotune the Presidential Debate (Video)

The Gregory Brothers strike again with an autotune of the Presidential Debate and Town Hall Meeting.

If you’re tired of hearing all the rhetoric and/or opinion surrounding Tuesday’s Presidential Debate and Town Hall Meeting, maybe you wouldn’t mind the debate being set to music for you.

The Gregory Brothers are known for taking a current event and setting it to music and they’ve managed to pick up all the debates, including the presidential debate.  They injected themselves into the music video they’ve done and have given the main characters instruments.

They play a song called “Who’s Gonna Work It Out”, which will most assuredly will be available as a ringtone soon.  If you didn’t remember seeing Candy Crowley with a synthesizer in her hand during the debate, that’s because it wasn’t there.  The president and Mitt Romney take on each other with rhythm and finesse that makes you want to groove to the catchy song.

Check them out as they do battle to the beat!

-J.C. Brooks

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