White Students Re-enact Chris Brown/Rihanna Fight in Blackface at Pep Rally

White male students at Waverly High School in New York, re-enact fight between Rihanna and Chris Brown in blackface at their high school pep rally.

As Chris Brown and Rihanna go public with their reunion, their ugly past has been dredged up again and again.  The infamous domestic abuse incident that went down between them will not soon be forgotten and some are making sure they don’t forget…but at a pep rally?

According to the Huffington Post, Waverly High School in Waverly, New York, is under fire for allowing three white male students to perform a re-enactment of the Chris Brown/Rihanna fight that took place back in 2009 at their pep rally.  The pep rally had absolutely nothing to do with domestic abuse, but now has become the centerpiece of the occasion.

As the skit progressed, none of the administrators nor other adults stopped the three men as they performed in blackface.  They were allowed to complete the disturbing mock beating of Rihanna and go on as nothing happened.

Huffington’s report includes CNN iReport contributor Matthew Dishler’s take on the incident.  He was the first to report it to CNN after hearing about it from various people who were not happy with the display:

“I can testify there’s not a lot of racial diversity in that school whatsoever. We’re not really exposed to that at that school,” Dishler told the Star Gazette. “I felt like something should have been done about this. I don’t believe the kids had any vicious intentions, but the administrators should have said that’s not exactly OK.”

There was definitely nothing “OK” about the incident.  Domestic violence is not a joke and for a place of education to endorse this nonsense is sick!  And not only was the content ridiculous, but they performed it in blackface! This incident speaks volumes on where the society is going with this type of violence.  Teenagers are including this as entertainment at their high school pep rally??  C’MON…SON!

Read more on the incident here.

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  1. smh on this one and the story content on the events/student actions that I will not rehash.. plus, how can you re-enact something that was never videod? Confused.

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